Global Priority Clean-Up, Inc. proudly services the Midwest including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, with our professional and rapid Biohazard Recovery and Decontamination Services. Global Priority Clean-Up, Inc. brings competent professionalism with caring compassion needed in biohazard recovery and tragedy cleanup. Whatever the need, we approach every service situation with empathetic consideration and complete confidentiality, along with the knowledge and training needed to expedite cleanup as efficiently as possible.

Global Priority Clean-Up, Inc. is truly set apart by our ability to further assist after cleanup. We offer a full range of professional construction and remodeling services through our Global affiliate company, Global Power Construction, that enables us to refurbish structures to like new. With nearly a half century of combined experience, Global Power Construction services take aftermath cleanup beyond removal to moving forward with full biohazard recovery restoration.

Global Priority Clean-Up, Inc. works with many law enforcement agencies to offer training, services and support. We are dedicated to helping those in need by partnering with the civil servant professionals who are on the front line. Global Priority Clean-Up, Inc. is a reliable resource, with the skills, experience and expertise needed in unfortunate circumstances.

Global Priority Clean-Up, Inc. is a trustworthy, professional and considerate resource that can be counted on when disaster strikes. We take great care in what we do because we understand what it means to those who are affected; guaranteeing rapid, responsive results every time.